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Communicating to the World of Health & Wellness

Education and Advocacy are some of the most powerful voices that help shape the world we live in. It unites our society, forges partnerships and forges a platform of a collective front when it comes to supporting public awareness. The ANGIOFOUNDATION has supported countless educational projects and programs, thanks to our current web and multimedia platforms. "Getting the word out" about the latest in public wellness is job 1 for all educators. Through some of the finest partnerships in communication technologies and news networks, we have formed a coalition of publishers, broadcast organizations - what we call ANGIOMEDIA.


20+ years into the world wide web reflects in accelerated influence of high-speed information in the medical community. Where the written word may continues to carry its value in the public education and awareness sector, MULTIMEDIA has captured the vast majority of audiences and influencers alike- engaging in better research and capturing messages with absolute impact.


The AngioFoundation is a collective of dedicated educators, academic leaders and professional clinicians. Though an alliance with the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, ANGIOPRESS was formed as an innivative network of collaborative publishers & social media newsletters.

The AngioFoundation supports and partners with outside producers including InterMediaWorx and a network of clinical professionals and credentialed educators to form independent case studies and research reviews on health related innovations. Combining multiple modalities of evaluation protocols (including the use of diagnostic imaging, behavioral studies and efficacy assessments), an unbiased focus group is designated for each product review to conduct a thorough user exam. Reports may come in the form of video interviews, medical imaging scans, recorded biometric tracking, user experience and other vital information to substantiating an intelligent review (and consumer activity). Reviews are submitted for public access and digital distribution through our network of science news outlets.


AngioFoundation in the NEWS

11/11/2021- The AngioFoundation announced its official sponsorship of the RESPONDER RESILIENCE PODCAST. This recent funding boost (alongside a lineup of new corporate and foundation sponsors) aimed at advancing the programming of the responder-media initiative's national footprint. Since its inception in the fall of 2021, the podcast's popularity in the fire, law enforcement and other responder groups maintained a steady growth, continuing to bring in some of the most respected and recognized guests from the rescue service. This steady rise in subscribers led the show to reach over 60 memorable episodes and a respectable set of subscribers in the public sector. In its 3rd season, Responder Resilience earned national recognition thanks in part to another AngioFoundation partner-- F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures).

9/2/2022‐ In the spirit of a joint partnership for improved public wellness, a unique and special advocacy team was formed in Montreal, Canada between three unlikely yet profound champions in their own respective arenas. This trio is comprised of a functional clinician (Professor Joseph Toy), an imaging specialist from NYC (Dr. Robert Bard) and a world class boxing champ (WBC Bridgerweight Oscar Rivas). Their immediate synergy inspired a collective message for what will soon be part of the next episode of MEDICAL VISIONARIES, a wellness news series produced by IPHA (Integrative Pain Healers Alliance) and the AngioFoundation (501c3). This issue offers informative concepts about the growing trend in non-invasive alternatives including regenerative medicine in the athletic community.

May 15, 2022- Dr. Robert L. Bard receives one of the highest achievements of his career; the prestigious 35th Annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor. Alongside a list of over 80 top American achievers, this historical ceremony which took place at the Ellis Island Great Hall celebrated inspiring Americans who are selflessly worked for the betterment of our country and its citizens. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Bard was also celebrated for his dedication to the global advocacy for early cancer detection and protection from environmental-based health issues. Inspired by his experiences as a USAF military radiologist and with our 9/11 attacks, he contributes educational resources or donor support to non-profit organizations such as: Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures, Best Answer for Cancer, The Are You Dense Foundation, American Cancer Society, Melanoma Research Foundation and Male Breast Cancer Coalition.