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Joining hands in a collective effort to improve and support positive change in the many areas of the pediatric care community, The AngioFoundation and the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance (since 2018) kickstarted a collective of volunteer caregivers, educators, community leaders and clinicians to form a ONE-VOICE alliance to the battle against debilitating pediatric health disorders. We align with existing champion foundations and activists to add new energies to their awareness and research support initiatives to further support life-saving solutions in the field of pediatric health and wellness. Together, we drive our common interests and a passion to enact much needed change in our current health modalities.

We proudly launch an awareness initiative under the banner "PROJECT: MOMMIES ON A MISSION" (a name creatively coined by Mrs. Jana Rojas describing her many friends and colleagues throughout her family's benevolent crusade). "This brands a collective of common minds and hearts in an expanded drive of united groups and foundations to bring new light to research and education to healthcare providers and to all parents with young children about picking up the subtle signs of viral myocarditis."

For 2022, a special alliance was built around the need to address the demand for standardized Pediatric Myocarditis Detection. Initially inspired by the loving work of the For Elysa Foundation, 501c3 (led by the Rojas family), this a new inspired collective carved the basis for battling he devastating effects of heart disease in children.




Meet our Associate Educational Director, Dr. Bobbi Kline (NM). As a mom and a medical professional, she has been a life-long supporter of health and safety initiatives for children. Dr. Kline is a lead medical advisor who added to the expansion of Angiofoundation/IPHA projects (like Mommies on a Mission). Her vast experience in wellness education helped to form the basis of our public awareness program by incorporating her vast knowledge in modern integrative health strategies and ideals for improved medical standards.

As with prior collaborative projects, Instigating change in Project One comes in four major objectives:

1) Connect with more clinical & medical leaders to collaborate with pediatric associations, parent groups, educators and clinicians in support of Myocarditis education and Early Detection

2) Produce educational initiatives for distribution to raise public awareness & build alliances from new supporters

3) Explore realistic and sensible solutions that help to change the tides of the current health concerns

4) Brainstorm on new strategies that can help gain new options for change

Where the initial alliance focused on major projects like cancer prevention, early detection, fighting recurrence, promoting integrative medical science and medical technology evaluations, the focus of PROJECT ONE is on the health and safety of our CHILDREN.


Dr. Robert L. Bard, the patriarch of the AngioFoundation and seasoned clinical diagnostic specialist (NYC) has been actively supporting philanthropic and advocacy programs since 1972. He spent a major portion of his career in earnest as both a patient care professional and a research investigator for diagnostic innovations and validating therapeutic solutions. Joined by both clinical and non-clinical advocates in the integrative medical community purely by synergy, the alliance found new areas where education and awareness brought the road map of research-to-solution into overdrive. With the aid of the "Get Checked Now!" platform, Dr. Bard donates his clinical resources to promote the blueprint to form a proactive diagnostic paradigm (including early detection) as the major means of constituting improved clinical action.


Publishing and education goes hand in hand with our alliance when it comes to bringing change-makers and influencers together with those who need. many of our clinicians are also educators in their own right, joined together under the bond of collaboration alongside researchers and published solutionists recognized for exploring the latest protocols and available solutions. Through health-related articles, videos and collective conferences, we produce original education-based programs that publicly share useful concepts, valid claims and proven data to bring "new help to the battle front". Thanks to today's social media as well as our many friends in the news and clinical publishing, our coalition meets its goal to deliver awareness and education to more and more audiences. In addition, our published work gains exposure to new problem solvers who can add to our research programs. As with prior alliances, Mommies on a MIssion aims to unite with all support groups, clinical societies and all networks who welcome our features and newsletters for re-distribution. This defines our goals in 'getting the word out' about the root awareness mission.

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2/11/2022- The Angiofoundation and Integrative Pain Healers Alliance (comprised of physicians, researchers and public educators) and the For Elysa Foundation, a non-profit advocacy group supporting pediatric myocarditis research- united in their first multi-org summit to test drive a coalition concept to unite all advocacy groups for "a common and louder voice for change!" Aptly called "Project: Mommies on a Mission", this coalition is comprised of a two part initiative to offer a supportive arm to their fight against children's cardiac conditions and a united front to advance the role of the medical community. The IPHA coalition concept and outreach offers vocal support to the many parent groups fundraising on research for their respective focus disorders. Through info sharing, resource access and expanded networking, the blueprint is comprised of uniting the medical and patient communities to work on more effective protocols. (See complete press release)


"If you want real change, you need to go to the top", stated Nancy Cappello- advocate for dense breast detection. In 2004, Dr. Nancy Cappello was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer from a mis‐read mammogram, concealed behind dense breast tissue. This dillemma led to complications in her treatment that eventually led to her passing in 2018 - but not before she created the "Are You Dense?" Foundation‐ an international awareness crusade to better support dense breast diagnostics and initiatives pass legislation to enact laws requiring mammography centers to inform patients about their breast density and the associated cancer risks. Her advocacy work led to getting the first legislature (in the state of Connecticut) and worked for three years to standardize the communication of breast density to women- embarking The Breast Density Notification bill in 2009. Her leadership and vision led to a total of 35 states to date- and is continued by her surviving husband, Joseph Cappello. It is this model for legislative change that also inspires teams like PROJECT ONE to drive national change.

Since 2013, For Elysa Foundation's remarkable initiatives continue to inspire us with their history of community awareness and public outreach. From annual Galas and Letters from Angels campaigns to numerous cardiac health awareness events and generous donations, they have received major support and contributions from an expansive set of fans and followers. Take a look at some of the amazing ways that For Elysa supporters have fulfilled our goals of Education, Light & Research over the years. (visit For Elysa Foundation's history in pictures)

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