Financial Assistance

• American Cancer Society – 1-800-ACS-2345 Access to referrals for financial assistance through their Community Resource Network (CRN) database. Some chapters may have limited grants for transportation and pain management. Suffolk County # (631)300-3185

• Angela Andrade Foundation – Support MBC (metastatic breast cancer) patients financially with grants up to $1800 yearly if you meet the eligibility requirements apply and are awarded.

• Assurance Wireless – 1-(800) 392-3846 or If eligible (based on income, Medicaid recipients are eligible), receive a free cell phone, 250 free minutes/month, $5 for extra 250 minutes, no contract

• Breast Intentions (AKA Breast Friends Forever) For grant information email

• Cancer Care Hopeline – 1-(800) 813-HOPE (4673) Sarah, (516) 364-8130 ext 6123 Can provide up to $300 for prosthesis and medication. Application must be requested (see below) and takes several weeks to process. Also provide telephone workshops/therapists. Limited financial grants for transportation, homecare, childcare and pain medications.

• Cancer Services Program of Suffolk - (631) 548-6320 Breast, cervical, colon, prostate cancers. Help for underinsured, uninsured, undocumented patients. Can fast track to Medicaid.

• Catholic Charities – (516) 733-7045 General help number manned by a social worker to point patients in the right direction for services across Long Island.

• Christians Overcoming Cancer – (614) 985-3750 200 E. Campus View Blvd, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43235 Founder Mary Jenkins Offer financial assistance to any person of any faith, in any state during active treatment for any type of cancer. Application available online and funds are distributed on a first come-first serve basis. Not for co-pays, financial help for living expenses.

• Cure Mommy’s Breast Cancer - (516) 967-1148 –PO Box 585, N. Bellmore, NY 11710 Can give up to $500, fill out application online at Fax application back to (888) 519-9185 or email to No insurance or drug reimbursement, for outstanding living expenses.

• 5Under Forty-, info@5under40.0rg, 36 W 9th St. Suite 1, NY, NY 10011 Clients must live in NY or NJ who are diagnosed with breast cancer or have tested positive for the BRCA Gene.

• Help Now Fund – (936) 231-8460, emergency grant for rent/utilities, applications accepted between the 1st and 5th of the month ONLY, apply online @

• – provide “gap funding” to assist with living expenses. Complete funding form online, print out authorization form and supply letter from doctor.

• – an online resource used to find community resources including affordable health centers, prescription drug programs, immigrant support services, legal assistance and more.

• Life Beyond Cancer—may offer limited financial assistance for paying everyday bills and living expenses. Contact the foundation at 1-800-282-5223 to learn more or apply.

• MariaZ Hope Foundation, Inc.-631-864-HOPE, Serving all areas, grants are available.
MedGift – A unique gift registry, provides a community of support for patients and an online listing of a specific patient’s needs, wants and wishes.

• Myriad Financial Assistance Program - Provides financial assistance for BRCA1/2 genetic testing for people who qualify.

• New York Cancer Foundation –1-833-588-6923. The Patient Assistance Grant provides financial assistance for day-to-day living expenses such as rent/mortgage payments, utility payments and telephone payments for qualifying patients. The maximum grant per patient is $2500 while actively receiving treatment. The Travel Assistance Grant provides financial assistance for transportation to and from cancer treatments. The maximum grant per patient is $500. For both grants annual income must be at or below 300% of national poverty level. visit; - Applications can be emailed to

• – Light Pink Program, limited financial assistance and spa gift certificates. - provides direct financial support to breast cancer patients and survivors by paying bills directly and, in certain cases, providing gift cards, gift certificates, and chemo care packs. Grants are reviewed on an on-going basis. Need a letter from surgeon, copies of bills and patient essay. For information email: DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN ACTIVE TREATMENT.
Social Security and Disability Resource Center is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability and navigate the social security system.

• The American Breast Cancer Federation - (888) 806-7543 or will provide financial assistance to qualified financial hardship individuals during the recovery stage from breast cancer surgery.

• The Pink Fund http://the, complete the pre-qualification form online, short term financial aid for breast cancer patients in active treatment.

• Triple Step – (424) 258-0313, financial support for transportation, meals, selected co-pays for Triple Negative patients. See website -

• United Breast Cancer Foundation – 1(877) 822-4287, , individual grant program, donated household items (including mattresses at certain times of year). The UBCF has several financial grants available, individual (help cover living expenses, copayments and more, breast reconstruction grant, holistic treatment grant.



Research & Educational PROGRAMS
The AngioFoundation has been recognized worldwide by official medical organizations and peer reviews for its work in FIVE MAIN focal topics and class divisions. We continually maintain and update research works in these categories to support the advancement of these disciplines as part of The AngioFoundation's commitment to the scientific community.

Advanced use of Doppler Sonographic Imaging technology to identify malignant cancers and monitor their behavior through blood flow parameters- (Breast, Lung, Bladder, Prostate, Melanoma, etc) which correlates with comparative studies with other current technologies such as MRI, CT etc. (See Research / assessment of musculoskeletal disorders (arthritis, inflammation, trauma) and dermatological issues through the advanced use of 3D/4D ULTRASOUND innovations. Trauma Diagnostics) TECH REVIEWER: Beta-testing, industry-wide comparative feature review/evaluation program. Drafting of FDA application / compliance documentation of digital imaging technologies (models, brands and generations) including sub-dermal and musculoskeletal treatment devices Internal study of all cancer issues and health disorders of victims associated with 9/11 and other disaster-related environmental toxic exposures. Collaboration with geological labs & environmental statistics. (See First Responders Cancer Resource) Function review / performance evaluation program of all laser-based medical equipment including devices specializing in sub-dermal musculatory treatment of chronic disorders.

Major Research PROJECTS

• Efficacy of Injected Hyaluronidase Filler Reduction Dept Dermatology Mt Sinai
Marmur E  HS#14-00291 | Icahn School of Medicine 2015

• Photoacoustic and Optical Imaging
Bard R, Krueger L, Rasmussen S Rockefeller University 2013-2014

• Doppler Evaluation of Radiation Treatment Response
Bard R, Kaplan A 2013-2014 NY Medical College

• 3D Doppler Sonography of Malignant Melanoma 
Bard R, Lefkovitz A In conjunction with Mt Sinai Medical Center New York, NY 2013-2014

• 3D Imaging of Psoriasis
Bard R, Lebwohl M, Wortsman X In conjunction with Mt. Sinai Med Ctr New York, NY 2012

• Doppler Vessel Density in Melanoma
Morton D, Bard R in conjunction with John Wayne Cancer Institute Santa Monica 2009-2010

•  Prostatic Volume Reduction Implementing Radiotherapy Treatment Application
Rotman M, Bard R.  Applications in Prostate Cancer Patients 2006-2008
In conjunction with Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn, NY

• Ultrasonography of the Spine in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Smith M, Bard R | Dept Rheumatology St. Vincents Hospital New York 2000-2001
in conjunction with New York Medical College Valhalla, NY

• Ultrasound Evaluation of the Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Smith M, Prashad R, Bard R et al | Dept Rheumatology St. Vincents Hospital New York 1997-1998 in conjunction with New York Medical College Valhalla, NY

Click HERE at pgs 19-21 for a complete list of AngioFoundation Research Projects



A significant asset to the medical community is publishing our research studies for complete academic access through medical journals and through full-text distribution with Springer Publishing Inc. Publishing all findings of our research reports maintains the tradition of supporting the growth of current and future generations of clinicians and for the expansion of the vast majority of relevant audiences who benefit from our discoveries. Under the authorship of Dr. Robert Bard, we have amassed over 18 combined years of research and generated countless articles, over 22 scientific textbooks with various topics and hundreds of presentations to the medical community worldwide.

(see Pg. 6-19 books published & international presentations)


Research Support and Fundraising EVENTS

May 10, 2018- NYC; The LOTOS CLUB hosted the 2018 speaker series with Dr. Robert Bard's opening presentation on Early Detection & Prevention by NYCRA (New York Cancer Resource Alliance) and endorsed Dr. Bard to launch this theme because of his expanded knowledge in today's modern diagnostic technologies and non-invasive applications including the 4D Doppler ultrasound technology - much of which has been driven by European medical influence for the cancer treatment community. Dr. Bard is an internationally recognized leading expert in the use of this process for the screening, scanning and pre/post procedural monitoring of Breast, Prostate & Skin Cancers. He is also known for his public mission to replace surgical analysis of tumors with his coined "digital biopsies". Dr. Bard gave the standing-room only audience at the LOTOS CLUB an astounding look at the effectiveness of his imaging process to the surgical chain. He shared images of actual patient cases including the study of blood flow in tumors, behaviors of cysts, foreign bodies in trauma cases, fracture analysis and proven ways that cancers can be safely detected, studied and even treated with the use of non-surgical means. The high accuracy of 3D-4D Histogram analysis allows cancer treatment to be implemented without invasive biopsies that may spread tumor cells. (full article)


Research results in APPLIED SCIENCE


In my extensive career as the medical director of an advanced imaging diagnostics practice, I have provided great assistance to many surgeons with my work using advanced Doppler Scanning of Tumors and Cosmetic Disorders. I have uncovered countless dermal and subcutaneous issues that would have otherwise gone undetected with less effective technologies, leading to potential complications in the surgical procedure and patient recovery. The advancement in this innovation empowers upcoming surgical procedures with remarkable confidence of a safer end result. Where biopsies are becoming a thing of the past, our non-invasive 4D Digital imaging replaces weeks of lab work and radiologic tests and often provides more useful information. (see complete article)

DIGITAL BIOPSY CASES: WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT TO BIOPSY? WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE NEEDLE INSERTS? Here we have 2 subdermal masses which are non tender and firm with no history of trauma. Case A: The oval mass (dark echoes=suspicious) with irregular vessels (red) was referred as a probable cyst or lipoma. The tumor is highly vascular and connected from the aorta by way of the subclavian feeding artery. Liposuction could result in massive hemorrhage and spread of tumor cells into the circulation.


Case B: The ovoid white region (bright echoes=benign) is ossified as confirmed by the CT scan of the coccyx. The sonogram allows you to reassure the patient it is NOT CANCER. It prompts one to avoid a standard needle that could bend, crack or dislodge into the soft tissues requiring further exploration to locate/retrieve the broken metal fragment.